How to do Transfer Bitcoin From Yobitt

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How to do Transfer Bitcoin From Yobitt

With YoBit, you can withdraw funds using a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat money.

Let’s follow these steps to help you withdraw funds on your registered and verified YoBit account:

Withdraw Bitcoin from YoBit
Withdraw Fiat money from YoBit
Click here to open the exchange site.

Start by logging in using the email address and password you’ve registered for YoBit.


Click on “Wallets” to view your funds as well as the available Bitcoins. To withdraw, select your currency from the list and click on the minus sign under “Withdraw.”

1. Withdraw Bitcoin on your YoBit account
For Bitcoin withdrawal, refer to the list under “Wallet.” In this example, we are using Bitcoin.

You can highlight it to make sure that you are working on your Bitcoin and click on the minus sign.


Enter the withdrawal address. Make sure to enter the correct one as completed Bitcoin withdrawal transactions can no longer be reversed, therefore, you could lose your money permanently if the wrong recipient is chosen. Click on “Withdrawal request” to continue.

To view your withdrawal transaction, click on “History”.

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